On Morsgail, the hills of Rapaire, Griosamul, Beinn a Bhoth, and Scalabhal are home to many of the finest stags on the islands, and indeed Scotland. Careful conservation and management by the estate and its neighbours ensures that whether staking with a rifle or camera, there is an excellent chance of seeing a mighty monarch of the hill (although only those with a camera will be allowed to take aim at this royalty).

The stags here are wily and wary; not too many, not too few and the terrain to reach them is challenging and physically testing in a remote, lonely, unspoilt wilderness, while white-tailed and golden eagles circle overhead and the Atlantic crashes to the west. Despatch will test the stalker’s every faculty: eyesight, approach strategy, stealth, patience, composure and marksmanship. You will experience all these elements on a Morsgail stalk, set amidst some of the most astonishing and beautiful wilderness in the UK.


Stalking £400.00 per stag - (stalker included)

Stalking no stag - £100.00